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This is Real

Hockey and celebration

More than just hockey

We want to play field hockey together and, above all, have fun. In addition to sporting success, togetherness is just as important to us. After every training session and every game, we spend time together and do things together off the pitch as well - among other things, we like to sit in bars, support our chronically unsuccessful soccer clubs and tease each other about their failures, or have a very reflective Christmas party every year!


Our parties

Once a year, when there is no global pandemic, we throw a big party with our friends in popular Berlin locations.

After many years of partying at Stadtbad Wedding, we have in the past given our business card at Musikbrauerei (2017) and Haubentaucher (2018), among others. We are incredibly looking forward to our next party on 25.11.2022 at 131.


Commitment counts

Our annual financial contribution is very manageable - but we expect much more commitment and desire to help shape the club. We are happy about everyone who would like to get to know Real's young talents!

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